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Season 2 is landing! Watch the Trailer 🧘🏽‍♀️👽🧘🏼‍♂️

Jeff & Tasha are back with new weekly adventures

Hello Friends!

Jeff Warren & Tasha Schumann here with some exciting news for 2024 and beyond! The Consciousness Explorers Podcast has evolved into … *drumroll* …

🚀 The Mind Bod Adventure Pod! 🚀

Starting January 30, we’re coming at you with new weekly practice episodes, amazing guests, and rampant tomfoolery. In your inbox (and on Substack) every Tuesday.

Watch the trailer above!

Here’s what’s new:

  • The Pod is now in VIDEO!!
    Audio-only is still available on all podcast platforms, but if you wanna see us hang out in Tasha’s living room every week, come over to

  • Paid subscriptions for those who want to support our work
    In addition to the weekly episode (which is free for everyone), paid subs will get access to our Afterparty videos, where we get weird and extra animated and talk about everything that didn’t get said in that week’s official episode.

  • Community Space!
    Thanks to this move to Substack, we now have a space to chat with you - the Mind Bod Pod Squad! Hop into the comment section and let us know your thoughts about the practice and the discussion. We’ll be lurking in there, waiting to nerd out and make friends.

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K, now here’s Jeff’s rousing and only partly coherent preamble about this week’s trailer video:

“In hereto trailer, the friends Tasha “The Amazon” Schumann and Jeff “el Hefe” Warren do chat upon their loftily silly and indeed GREATLY serious creation, hereupon known as the Mind Bod Adventure Pod. A place upon which thee canst KNOW (not Biblically, at least not publicly) thine own excitable nervous system.

What do these friends wish to impart upon thee? Why, ‘tis the importance of exploring no less a destination than REALITY! With thine own MIND BOD! For this is the beatific vehicle that REALITY hath bestowed upon thee (and thee only) for thee to love and play upon the world, with acts of care and irreverence and perspicacity. And so consciousness doth expand, and thee dost come with us into heretofore said expansion.


- Tasha and Jeff


The Mind Bod Adventure Pod
The Mind Bod Adventure Pod
Join hosts Jeff & Tasha as they explore the world of practice, one adventurous guide at a time.