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This was super interesting and it really made a lot of sense - how we block access to deeper issues with our coping strategies. I wasn’t able to do the exercise in the moment but i have experienced that shift before once when i was in a recurring feeling state and instead of trying to neutralize the discomfort by observing it, I really stepping inside the feeling and when I did it sort of disappeared and revealed something deeper. And then both went away.

I thought the part about therapists role of being contained seemed important. I could imagine someone getting a bit swept under if they fully let go of their coping strategies (their own container) if they tried to do any of the work with psychedelics and weren’t in good hands.

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Great session for me to sit with as all unfurls


love the trauma song soooo much

It allows me to zoom out beyond the pain of the singular me to the collective. I work with kids ages 5 to 13 in elementary art setting where we do movement stillness, and heart intelligence practices every day to reset and wake up our imagination

what I love about this song is it very “Elementary student thought”

playful and you both remind me

we can hold and release our traumas in both ways

the serious the working through the honoring AND the playful

Your work is intersecting at the perfect time

Big bow of gratitude 🙏

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