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Astrology & Participatory Magic with Caroline Casey

"If we don't know how to participate, we become possessed"

Arch-Trickster Caroline Casey is our guest today, rapping on the subject of astrology and participatory magic. For Caroline, astrology - like all divination - is an outward expression of an inner state. We don’t need to know astrology, it’s in us. The practice here is to participate - to actively engage with Caroline’s stream of words and let the language of interrelatedness provoke insights, protests, and new possibilities.

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The whole episode is one big practice! One big astrological reading on the nature of our times. Other topics include:

  • dissolving grievances

  • “in-sourcing” our own authority

  • biomimicry

  • how inner dedication strengthens our outer signal

  • restoring our mythological literacy

  • keeping our language fresh

  • resisting tyranny

  • and SO much more!

Hope you enjoy this ride as much as we did! :)

The Afterparty

Don’t miss this
part, where we share about the deep spiritual medicine of astrology and get weird about whatever else didn't get said in the episode!

The Afterparty video will eventually move behind ye olde paywall, but for now, it’s free :)

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