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Cannabis and Meditation with Will Johnson

One way to REALLY get into your body ...

DISCLAIMER: we talk about smoking weed while meditating in this episode, and then we actually do it (its legal here in Canada) to see what it’s like. Our guide thinks there’s value in this practice, and so do we - FOR SOME PEOPLE. For others, particularly younger folks whose brains are not fully developed, cannabis can negatively affect mental health. It can also be addictive. As always, we are not endorsing; we’re exploring. You do not need to ingest marijuana in order to benefit from Will’s beautiful embodied meditation.

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So who is this deviant hippy meditation guide, you ask? His name is Will Johnson, and he really is an old hippy, a beloved teacher who has been doing it his way since the 60s. In our very fun conversation, we cover the changing nature of Buddhism and its current adaption to the West, the essence of breath meditation as an invitation to breathe through the whole body, the felt “shimmer” of increased body sensitivity, and how this can train us to open at ever-deeper layers – including the layers that have us convinced we’re separate from the rest of life. So: in Will’s view, there’s definitely a path of awakening with cannabis as a support.

Are we all just … high? Decide for yourself friends! Let us know in the comments!

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Check out Will’s website, along with info about his “Shimmering Seahorse Sangha”:

And now: Join us for The Afterparty… 👇

The Afterparty

In this here Afterparty, we consider the potentially deluding nature of cannabis and whether there is something a bit suspect about needing a drug to get you to someplace more “real.” On the other hand, we are always looking at reality through our own filtered experience, so maybe deliberately choosing a fun filter is Ok!

The Afterparty will eventually move behind ye olde paywall, but for now, it’s free for all :)

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