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Multiplayer Meditation with Vince Fakhoury Horn

The unexpected pleasures of interactive "out loud" social meditation

Some very inventive practice exploration today, friends! We’re joined by dharma teacher and Buddhist Geeks founder Vince Fakhoury Horn, who leads us in a smorgasbord of short “social” practices, all designed to tap into the goodness of meditation in a bouncy, fun and interactive way. We explore Kenneth Folk’s social noting, try out a microdose-sized practice of loving kindness, and finally, an imagination-rich social “MindCraft,” where we build a world together.

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Our wide-ranging conversation includes Vince’s experience of meditators “drafting” off each other, how social practice can create a center of community gravity, the nature of wisdom and transmission, meditating with AI, and finally Vince’s helpful taxonomy of different meditation styles and their results.

We’re so interested to hear how this practice was for you - Let us know in the comments! And then join us for The Afterparty

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The Afterparty

In this one, we… talk smack.

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