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The Sensual Self with Ev'Yan Whitney

The Sensual Self with Ev'Yan Whitney

"Pleasure, in such a world, is an act of resistance."

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In today’s episode (the Season 1 finale!) we get slow and personal with Ev’Yan Whitney, sexuality doula, podcast host, and author of Sensual Self. “Sensuality” often gets lumped in with sexuality… Ev’Yan wants to change that, to tease apart these two aspects of being human and demonstrate how everyone can connect with a more sensual version of themselves.

Ev’Yan’s 19-minute practice is a tour of the senses. Take your time. The pacing of Ev’Yan’s guidance – the way she encourages us to pause and savor each sense – is part of its sensual magic.

Afterwards we have a wide-ranging conversation, from issues of sensuality and consent, to how sex changes over time in relationships, to the fundamental right of pleasure. Many of us feel guilty talking about pleasure, as though it were somehow frivolous or self-indulgent. For Ev’Yan, in a world that is continually forcing us out of our bodies, out of safety, out of softness … “Pleasure in such a world is an act of resistance.”

“When we feel good, we do good … so feel good!” It’s the perfect way to finish our season.

Season 1 Finale Message from Tasha & Jeff:

Thank you so much to all our listeners for an incredible 1st season! We’ve had so much fun this past year, creating these 23 episodes of mind-body adventure. 

We (and our awesome producer Timmy) will be back in the fall with a BRAND NEW SEASON of exploration and consciousness-expanding guests! In the meantime, drop us a note if there’s a guide or a subject you’re keen to explore with us.

And of course, if you’d like to support our time-and-resource-intense labor of love, consider becoming a paid subscriber for exclusive goodies in season 2!

Have a wonderful summer ❤️

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