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Intuitive Knowing with Sebene Selassie

Intuition, empathy, and being in relationship with reality

This episode is a rocket launcher for enabling all the weird ways you already half-know stuff, ie … intuition! The way we get into the subject is curious and open and “non-expert-y” – we hope it will create an opening for you to consider the possibilities of intuition in your own life. Via the gut, via empathy, via dreams – and via a bunch of other deliciously unsanctioned ways of knowing that certain guardians of scientific respectability can’t see, can’t handle, and also have no sense of humour about. KA-POW!

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Our guide in this rollicking convo is the delightful

, meditation teacher, author of You Belong, and creator of the terrific Substack .

As artists and soulful humans, both Tasha and Sebene are already quite comfortable with their turbo-charged intuitive capacities. Jeff is a little slower on the uptake – you can literally see his (er, my) perspective expand in real-time. So thank you, Sebene, for your beautiful practice and also for your friendship!

Sebene, Jeff, and Dan Harris (and maybe Tasha too - stay tuned…) also teach a fun Omega retreat called “Meditation Party,” for those who want some in-person good vibes.

Let us know in the comments how Sebene’s guided practice lands for you!

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The Afterparty

Now join us for The Afterparty, where we talk about skepticism, science, art, spirituality, and everything else that didn't get said in this week's episode!

The Afterparty will eventually move behind ye olde paywall, but for now, they’re free for all :)

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Thanks for tuning in! See you next week when we hang out & practice with Buddhist Minister, author, & activist Lama Rod.

Love always,

🧘🏽‍♀️ Tasha & Jeff 🧘🏼‍♂️

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The Mind Bod Adventure Pod
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