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Psychoacoustics & Safety with Paula Scatoloni

Soothing and healing our frazzled nervous systems

Welcome Paula Scatoloni, a wise somatic experiencing practitioner (she’s been doing this for 30 years!). Paula uses Stephen Porges’ “Safe and Sound Protocol” as a tool to soothe and heal our frazzled nervous systems.

We start by exploring how sound can be healing—in particular, how to train our systems to move out of fight-and-flight and into safety-and-connection. The more our body finds this safety, the better able we are to access and process our trauma and attachment challenges.

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At least, that’s the theory. What’s the practice? We practice through our ears – twice! Paula’s first guided meditation is about yielding to the support of the earth; her second is “naval radiation breathing,” a practice developed by movement super-genius Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. (We’d love to get Bonnie on the pod!)

And so it goes, a wide-ranging exploration into the nature of trauma and regulation and co-regulation and healthy boundaries and real connection and so much more.

The Afterparty

And now: Tune Ye into the Afterparty of champions! This week, we talk about the evolving role of healers in the 21st century, what sound does to our fried nervous systems, and finally, the extreme importance of a solid signature sign-off phrase.

The Afterparty video will eventually move behind ye olde paywall, but for now, it’s free :)

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