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Lectio Divina with Nadia Bolz-Weber

"Teach from your scars, not your wounds"

In this episode, we chat with

, a Lutheran pastor and public theologian celebrated (justly - excellent Christian word) for her edgy, honest, and sometimes hilarious approach to spirituality. The titles of her three bestselling memoirs say it well: Pastrix, Accidental Saints, and Shameless. Nadia also writes the popular Substack, – in fact, as you’ll learn at the end of the episode, Nadia is the one who convinced us to move our pod to Substack in the first place – thank you, Nadia!

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Nadia shares about her falling out with Christianity, and how she came back to it on her own terms. And then, for 10 minutes … we practice!

What practice, ye unbelievers? Nothing less than the “Lectio Divina,” a traditional Christian monastic practice of slowly reading a passage of scripture, and then rereading it, and then … rereading it one more time! KAPOW! Prepare to be humanistically enriched, for such is the nature of poetry. With each pass, we invite new themes and provocations to rise in awareness.

By the end of this episode, there’s lots of big belly laughter as we explore the nature of insight and healing, what it means to lead “from your scars, not your wounds,” who the heck GOD is, and more.

Let us know in the comments how this practice lands for you!

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