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The Dark Imaginal with JF Martel

And other things people play in dank basements

Welcome JF Martel, filmmaker, writer, and cohost of the superb podcast, Weird Studies. Sometimes, we have a guest who really gets the spirit of what we’re up to here at the Mind Bod Pod… JF is one such guest. He full-on designed a practice for us based on his love of old-school, Dungeons-and-Dragons-style role-playing games… the kind that (in JF’s words) “usually happen in dank basements.”

That’s right, in this week’s episode, JF is our Dungeon Master!

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“Your feet touch down on a forest path, climbing up a wooden hill …”

As we follow JF’s guidance, our inner vision opens, and we trek into the dark underbelly of our imaginations.

  • What is the practice of surrendering to a story, especially in speculative fiction like fantasy, horror, and science fiction?

  • What exactly IS imagination, anyway?

  • Is there a reality here beyond our own subconscious?

  • …and what happens when we take it seriously?

Join us for a discussion of dream yoga, Jungian archetypes, shadow selves, disaster scenarios, and the imagination as a sense organ. Bwwhahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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The Afterparty

This week, we discuss surrendering to a story as a kind of meditation, what happens when we move towards the scary and the uncomfortable, and how we can use our existential ambition to elevate Dungeons and Dragons into a transformative spiritual practice.

The Afterparty will eventually move behind ye olde paywall, but for now, it’s free for all :)

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in & see you next week.

Love always,

🧘🏽‍♀️ Tasha & Jeff 🧘🏼‍♂️

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