Harry Potter & The Sacred Text with Casper ter Kuile

On the importance of ritual and community practice.

This week’s guest is Casper ter Kuile, author of the excellent The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Rituals into Soulful Practices. Casper is passionate about spreading the goodness of ritual. Ritual? Isn’t that a religious thing?! HELL NO! For Casper (“Gay atheist goes to divinity school!”) a ritual is anything we do with “intention, attention and repetition.” Our rituals are a basic human need, found in a great many surprising places, from CrossFit classes to Harry Potter books.

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In this practice (or ritual), we read a line from the first Harry Potter book, and then respond from four different layers: the literal, the allegorical, the personal, and finally the active, where we ask “what action wants to emerge?” This is the practice of using text as a mirror, a way to explore who and how we are. From here we move into a conversation on practice, the sacred, and community.

Let us know in the comments how this week’s practice was for you! (And tell us which is your favorite Harry Potter book too ;)

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