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A Playful Approach to Psychedelics with Cardea

Recorded Live from Nantucket's Dreamland Theatre

Last summer, we interviewed Ross Ellenhorn and Dimitri Mugianis, founders of Cardea, a psychedelic-assisted care organization based in NYC. This week, we’re finally posting that conversation! Made up of therapists, space holders, artists, and musicians, Cardea focuses on cultivating what they call “aliveness”: the sense that you are vital, fully engaged in your life, and connected to the world around you.

Something we find refreshing about the Cardea crew is their playful approach to psychedelics. A lot of people are so serious about psychedelics lately, obsessing over how they might use them to “fix” what’s “wrong” with themselves. It’s a view that risks turning psychedelics into just another cog in the Western medical model. But psychedelics have always been far more interesting than that. They are, by nature, creative, and have the potential to plunge us into a direct and dynamic relationship with life. This is what we get into with Ross and Dimitri!

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In this conversation, we talk about Cardea’s unique model of practice, where they engage practitioners in a specific kind of dialogue before each session. We also talk about:

  • set and setting,

  • the club scene

  • and what a “modern” – even poetic – use of psychedelics could look like, where the practitioner doesn’t give their power away.

The conversation continues in the Q&A, so please check out our Afterparty video below!

PS - Tasha and Jeff recently partook in a totally mind-blowing ketamine ceremony at Cardea’s beautiful New York space and - for posterity - recorded the whole damn thing! Stay tuned for some extra audio and visual treats coming soon ;)

The Afterparty

This is the Q&A section from our live event, where we chat with the audience about:

  • The use of mushrooms in palliative and supportive care.

  • How to support someone who is freaking out.

  • The role of intention setting before a psychedelic experience

  • “Radical hospitality”

  • Experiences with iboga and other psychedelics, including their effects on cravings, life review, and spiritual exploration.

  • Practical considerations for individuals interested in this work, including the availability of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and the importance of support afterwards.

    And much more!

*In an effort to sustain our antics and continue paying our producer Timmy, the Afterparty will move behind ye old paywall at the end of May, 2024. Please join us if you can!

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in & see you next week.

Love always,

🧘🏽‍♀️ Tasha & Jeff 🧘🏼‍♂️


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