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The Wheel of Consent with Betty Martin

How the practice of clearly communicating what you want can change everything

In this episode of the Mind Bod Adventure Pod, we take a deep dive into the dynamics of giving, receiving, taking, and allowing with guest Betty Martin.

Why does Jeff gush that Betty is the next Buddha? Because Jeff is overly-excitable! And because Betty’s Wheel of Consent is about much more than just sex and touch. It’s about how we’re human with each other. Her model of consent is now taught in dozens of communities around the world. Among other things, the practice teaches communication and boundaries, integrity and self-awareness, generosity and gratitude, vulnerability and connection.

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You don’t need a partner – or even to be into sex – in order to benefit from the understandings here. We practice with an inanimate object – a pen, a jar, a piece of wood – “waking up” our hands to receive pleasure from the world. Easy to talk about, but for many, surprisingly hard to do. That’s why this is a practice with implications for understanding ourselves and how we relate to everyone in our lives.

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And now: Join us for The Afterparty… 👇

The Afterparty

Wherein we talk candidly about knowing what you want, patriarchy, vulnerability, play, control, mystery, and a few other things we didn’t get to say during the episode.

The Afterparty will eventually move behind ye olde paywall, but for now, it’s free for all :)

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